ISO 3183-2012 pdf free.Petroleum and natural gas industries – Steel pipe for pipeline transportation systems.
ISO 3183 specifies requirements for the manufacture of two product specification levels (PSL 1 and PSL 2) of seamless and welded steel pipes for use in pipeline transportation systems in the petroleum and natural gas industries.
This International Standard is not applicable to cast pipe.
2 Conformance
2.1 Units of measurement
In this International Standard, data are expressed in both International System (SI) units and United States Customary (USC) units. For a specific order item, only one system of units shall be used, without combining data expressed in the other system, Data values expressed in SI and USC units shall not be combined on the same inspection document or in the same required pipe marking sequence.
Where product is tested and verified against requirements using one measurement system (USC or SI), and an inspection document is issued, with data reported in the alternate measurement system units, a statement shall appear on the inspection document indicating that the data presented was converted from the measurement system used for the original inspection.
The purchaser shall specify whether data, drawings, and maintenance dimensions of pipes shall be in the International System (SI) or US Customary (USC) system of measurements. Use of an SI data sheet indicates that the SI measurements shall be used. Use of a USC data sheet indicates that the USC system of measurements shall be used.
For data expressed in SI units, a comma is used as the decimal separator and a space is used as the thousands separator. For data expressed in USC units, a dot (on the line) is used as the decimal separator and a space is used as the thousands separator.
2.2 Rounding
Unless otherwise stated in this International Standard, to determine conformance with the specified requirements, observed or calculated values shall be rounded to the nearest unit in the last right-hand place of figures used in expressing the limiting value, in accordance with ISO 80000-1:2009. Annex B, Rule A.
NOTE For the purposes of this provision, the rounding method of ASTM E2908 (1J is equivalent to ISO 80000-1:2009, Annex B. Rule A.
2.3 Compliance to this International Standard
A documented quality system shall be applied to assist compliance with the requirements of this International Standard.
A contract may specify that the manufacturer shall be responsthle for complying with all of the applicable requirements of this International Standard. It shall be permissible for the purchaser to make any investigation necessary in order to be assured of compliance by the manufacturer and to reject any material that does not comply.
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