ISO-630-2-2011 pdf free.Structural steels一 Part 2: Technical delivery conditions for structural steels for general purposes.
This part of ISO 630 covers eight steel grades and four qualities. Grades S235. 5275, S355, and S450 are covered in Annex A. Grades SG205, SG250, SG285 and SG345 are covered in Annex B. Not all grades are available in all qualities, and some qualities have Charpy V-notch requirements.
This part of ISO 630 does not include the following structural steels, some of which are covered by other International Standards:
— sheet and strip: refer to ISO TC 17/SC 12 ‘Continuous mill flat rolled products;
— tubular products: refer to ISO TC 5/SC 1 “Steel tubes”.
NOTE Lists of standards covered by ISO/TC 17/SC 12 and ISO/TC 5/SC 1 are available on the ISO Web site.
2 Normative references
The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of this document. For dated references, only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies.
150 630-1. Structural steels — Part 1: General technical delivery conditions for hot-rolled products
3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the terms and definitions given in ISO 630-1 and the following apply.
3.1 as-rolled
steel without any special rolling and/or heat treatment condition
3.2 normalized rolled
steel rolled with a process in which the final deformation is carried out in a certain temperature range leading to a material condition equivalent to that obtained after normalizing so that the specified values of the mechanical
properties are retained after normalizing
NOTE In international publications for both normalized rolling, as well as therrnomechanical rofling, the expression ‘controlled rOlling’ may be found.
3.3 normalized
steel produced by heating to a suitable temperature above the transformation range and then cooling in air to a temperature substantially below the transformation range
4 Classification and designation
4.1 Classification
The steel grades specified in this part of ISO 630 shall be classified as non-alloy or alloy quality steels,
4.2 Grades and qualities
This part of ISO 630 specifies eight steel grades. Grades S235. S275, S355. and S450 are specified in Annex A. Grades SG205, SG250, 5G295. and SG345 are specified in Annex B. Each grade is available in up to four qualities. These grades and qualities differ in their specified mechanical properties and impact energy requirements.
Quality A: no impact testing.
Quality B: impact testing at 20 °C.
Quality C: impact testing at 0 °C.
Quality D: impact testing at —20 °C.
4.3 Use of normative annexes A and B
The requirements of Annex A or Annex B are to be regarded separately. Each is independent of the other without combining in any way.
5 Information to be supplied by the purchaser
5.1 Mandatory information
The information that shall be supplied by the purchaser at the time of the order is specified in ISO 630-1.
5.2 Options
The options of ISO 630-1 apply (see ISO 630-1). In addition, the following option applies to products according to this part of ISO 630. If the purchaser does not indicate a wish to implement any of these options at the time of ordering, the products shall be supplied in accordance with the basic specification (see 5.1).
a) Required delivery condition.
b) Testing of impact properties in the transverse direction using Charpy V-notch test pieces in accordance with ISO 630-1.ISO-630-2 pdf download.