ISO 8373-2012 pdf download.Robots and robotic devices – Vocabulary.
ISO 8373 defines terms used in relation with robots and robotic devices operating In both industrial and non-industrial environments.
2 General terms
manipulat or machine in which the mechanism usually consists of a series of segments, jointed or sliding relative to one another, for the purpose of grasping and/or moving objects (pieces or tools) usually in several degrees of freedom (4.4)
NOTE I A manipulator can be controlled by an op.rator (2.17). a programmable electronic controllec, or any logic system (for example cam device, wired).
NOTE 2 A manipulator does not include an end effector (3.11).
2.2 autonomy ability to perform intended tasks based on current state and sensing, without human intervention
2.3 physical alteration alteration ol th rnchanical system
NOTE The mechanical system does not indude storage media, ROMs, etc.
2.4 repregrammable designed so that the programmed motions or auxihary functions can be changed without physical alteration (2.3)
2.5 multipurpose capable of being adapted to a different application with physical alteration (2.3)
2.6 robot actuated mechanism programmable in two or more axes (4.3) with a degree of autonomy (2.2). moving within its environment, to perform intended tasks
NOTE I A robot includes the control system (2.7) and interface of the control system
NOTE 2 The dasswflcation o( robot into industrial robot (2.9) or service robot (2.10) is done according to its intended applacabon.
2.7 control system set of logic control and power functions which allows monitoring and control of the mechanical structure of the robot (2.6) and communication with the environment (equipment and users)
2.8 robotic device actuated mechanism fulfilling the characteristics of an industrial robot (2.9) or a service robot (210). but lacking either the number of programmable axes (4.3) or the degree of autonomy (22)
EXAMPLES Power assist devace. teleoperated device: two-axis industnal manipulator (2.1)
3.1 actuator robot actuator machine actuator power mechanism used to effect motion of the robot (2.6)
EXAMPLE A motor which converts electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic energy to effect motion of the robot.
3.2 robotic arm arm primary axes interconnected set of links (3.6) and powered joints of the manipulator (2.1), comprising links of longitudinal shape, which positions the wrist (3.3)
3.3 robotic wrist wrist secondary axes interconnected set of links (3.6) and powered joints of the manipulator (2.1) between the arm (3.2) and end effector (3.11) which supports, positions and orients the end effector.ISO 8373 pdf free download.