ISO 945-1-2019 pdf free.Microstructure of cast irons – Part 1: Graphite classification by visual analysis.
This document specifies a method of classifying the microstructure of graphite in cast irons by comparative visual analysis.
The purpose of this document is to provide information about the method of graphite classification. It is not intended to give Information on the suitability of cast-iron types and grades for any particular application.
The particular material grades are specified mainly by mechanical properties and, in the case of austenitic and abrasion resistant cast irons, by their chemical composition. The interpretation of graphite form and size does not allow a statistically valid statement on the fulfilment of the requirements specified in the relevant material standard.
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4 General
4.1 Designation system for classifying graphite in cast irons
When cast iron materials are examined under a microscope in accordance with this document, the graphite shall be classified by the following:
a) its form, designated by Roman numbers Ito VI (see Figure 1 and Annex A)
b) its distribution, designated by capital letters A to E (see Figure 2 and AnnLB); the graphite distribution designation is only specified for grey cast irons (form I);
c) its size, designated by numbers 1 to 8 (see Figures 3. 4 and S and Table 1).
NOTE Figures 1 to S show only the outlines and not the structure of the graphite.ISO 945-1 pdf free download.