BS EN IEC 60904-9:2020 pdf free.Photovoltaic devices Classification of solar simulator characteristics.
lt is the intent of this document to provide guidance on the required solar simulatorperformance data to be taken, and the required locations in the designated test area for thesedata to be taken. It is not the intent of this document to define the possible methods todetermine the simulator spectrum or the irradiance at any location on the test plane. It is theresponsibility of the simulator manufacturer or test laboratory to provide information uponrequest for test methods used in the determination of the performance in each classification.The classification of a solar simulator does not provide full information about sources ofmeasurement uncertainty that are related to PV performance measurements obtained with aclassified solar simulator. Such uncertainties are dependent on the actual measurementdevices and procedures used and need to be evaluated.
In general, the classification of solar simulators will depend on a number of factors. Also mostsimulators can be operated at different working points (for example different irradiances). Inthis case, the classification is only valid for the conditions similar to those during classificationassessment. lf the intended use of the solar simulator includes a change of irradiance levels,classification shall be performed and reported at these irradiance levels ± 50 w/m.
Accordingly, classification only refers to the actual operating conditions. Ideally,classificationas stated in the product specification or test report shall cover the range of operatingconditions during practical use.Classification should be reviewed periodically.
Spectral match may change during the pulse of a pulsed solar simulator and is subject tospatial non-uniformity. Integration time for spectral irradiance measurement should beadjusted to the data acquisition time and spectral match should be calculated for that timeperiod.
The spectroradiometer shall be appropriate for the measurement task. Ensure that thesensitivity of the sensor is suitable for the wavelength range of interest.The time constant (integration time) of the detector shall be suitable for the pulse length of the simulator.Caution should be taken that the spectrum of the simulator might change during the lightpulse. ln the case of spectral shifts,differences in spectral responsivities between theirradiance monitor and the DUT will introduce spectral mismatch error. The integration timeshould be less than half of the pulse length.BS EN IEC 60904-9 pdf download.