BS EN IEC 60974-5:2019 pdf free.Arc welding equipment Part 5: Wire feeders (IEC 60974-5:2019).
3.1 drive roll roll in contact with the filler wire and which transfers mechanical power to the filler wire.
3.2 filler wire supply source of filler wire and means for dispensing filler wire to the feeding mechanism [SOURCE: IEC 60050-851:2008,851-14-45]
3.3 liner replaceable component that guides the filler wire [SOURCE: IEC 60050-851:2008,851-14-35,modified – The LINER is replaceable and is notrequired to be in the cable-hose assembly.]
3.4 maximum load maximum value of the force required to feed the specified types and sizes of filler wires overthe RATED SPEED RANGE [SOURCE: IEC 60050-851:2008,851-12-23,modified – Abbreviated wording and eliminationof rated temperature condition.]
3.5 rated speed range speed range of the filler wire assigned by the manufacturer for each specified size of fillerwire.
3.6 rated supply currentl1 RMS value of an input current to the wIRE FEEDER at MAXIMUM LOAD
3.7 wire-feed control electrical or mechanical apparatus,or both,which control(s) the speed of the filler wire, thesequence of operations and other services as required Note 1 to entry: The wire feed control may be integral with the wIRE FEEDER or in a separate enclosure.[SoURCE:IEC 60050-851:2008,851-14-40]
3.8 wire feeder equipment that delivers filler wire to the arc or weld zone which includes means to apply motion to the filler wire.
Note 1 to entry: The wIRE FEEDER may also include the wIRE-FEED CONTROL, the FiLLER WIRE SuPPLY, devices forgas control,indicators and remote connectors.BS EN IEC 60974-5 pdf download.