BS EN IEC 63078:2020 pdf free.Installations for electroheating and electromagnetic processing -Test methods for induction through-heating installations.
This test shall be carried out in the hot state (see 3.123 and 4.4) of the induction throughheating equipment operating at its rated equipment duty (see 3.121), with the flow ratespecified by the manufacturer,at the end of the test given in 9.6.The temperature of thecooling water shall be measured by thermometers or monitored by sensors at the inlet andoutlet of the cooling water circuits of the equipment. The difference between the outlet andinlet temperatures is the value of temperature rise of the cooling water.During the test,theoutlet temperature and the temperature rise shall be within the manufacturer’s specifications.
lt is recommended that several readings be taken, for example, every 5 min towards the endof the test period given in 9.6, to ascertain that the equipment has attained a stable hot statecondition.
The active power P is to be measured and the apparent power S can be determined by themeasurements of the current I and voltage U at rated equipment duty (see 3.121) and in thehot state (see 3.123 and 4.4) of the induction through-heating equipment,see Figure AA.1.The power factor i. can be calculated as the ratio of the active power and the apparent power.
A low content of voltage and/or current harmonics does not significantly affect the test result;in these conditions, the power factor 1 becomes practically equal to the cos p measured bymeans of a cos (o-meter. in the case of a three-phase supply, it should be ensured that, duringthese measurements,currents in the three phases show no significant unbalance. It should beconsidered as a guideline that this requirement is met when the deviation of the currentvalues from their mean value does not exceed ±10 %.Where the out-of-balance of the three-phase line currents exceeds ±10 %,an appropriate and more accurate method should beemployed.
Active and reactive power remaining relatively constant during this test, active power mayalso be determined by the active energy (measured by an energy-meter) consumed during agiven time period divided by the time of the time period. Similarly,power factor 1 may bedetermined by measuring the active and reactive energy consumed in the same time periodby means of adequate energy-meters.
The test shall be carried out after the induction through-heating equipment containing thespecified billet has been in normal operation for a sufficient time to ensure that it is in the hotstate (see 3.123 and 4.4).The measurement shall be undertaken during a certain time periodat the latter stage of the billet holding operation. The temperature of the billet shall bemonitored so that the final temperature of the billet is maintained as constant as practicablethroughout the time period.
For the batch heating type equipment and continuous heating type equipment only having oneheating inductor,the holding-electrical consumption is measured directly at the input to itspower circuit (see Figure AA.1).BS EN IEC 63078 pdf download.