BS IEC 62003:2020 pdf free.Nuclear power plants – Instrumention, control and electrical power systems —Requirements for electromagnetic compatibility testing.
Nuclear instrumentation, control, and electrical equipment important to the safety of a nuclearplant (as defined in the IEC/IEEE 60780-323 standard) shall satisfy the requirements foremissions generated by the equipment and immunity to electromagnetic interference asdocumented in this document. Controlling the emissions from alltypes of equipment(important to safety and non-safetyequipment) is necessary to ensure that theelectromagnetic environment is bounded by the test levels recommended in this standard.
Table 1 contains a list and description of the EMC immunity and emissions tests applicable tonuclear l&C and electrical equipment important to safety to be installed into a nuclear facility.These tests address the main types of electromagnetic disturbances found in a typical nuclearpower plant environment and not all types of tests may be applicable for a particular piece ofequipment or installation. Adequate technical justification for the elimination of particular testsshould be provided in the EMC purchase specification,test plan,and/or test report. Furtherguidance regarding the applicability of the various tests, test levels, and frequency ranges canbe found in lEC 61000-6-5 (immunity for power station equipment) and IEC 61000-6-7(immunity for safety-related system in industrial locations).
ln the case of existing and installed equipment inside nuclear power plants, the requirementsdefined in this document may be aligned according to the state-of-the-art for EMCqualification testing valid during the time of installation. For such equipment,operationalexperience may be taken into account.
The guidance in this document was developed for l&C equipment but may also be applied toelectrical equipment.However, because of the unique nature of electrical (power) equipment,some additional considerations might be required. An example of these considerations isprovided in Annex H.
When the electromagnetic environment in a plant is unknown, it may become necessary toobtain emissions data at the point of the installation, using guidance in Annex D.Guidance inAnnex E can be used to determine the EMC performance of equipment already installed in anuclear power plant facility.
The typical locations covered by this document are found within nuclear power plants and similar nuclear facilities. The locations generally follow a typical power plant installationshown in Figure 2 based on lEC 61000-6-5. In Figure 2, the solid lines do not representphysical boundaries between the areas where the equipment is installed, but indicate genericboundaries between electromagnetic environments. A majority of the l&C and electricalequipment covered under this document will be located in environments defined as interfacetype 2 meaning that it will not directly interface with the electrical process(medium and highvoltage power distribution). For l&C and electrical equipment that does directly interface withthe electrical process,the typical environment would be defined as interface type 3 in Figure 2. Therefore,the test levels specified in this document will be based upon the assumption that the equipment to be tested will be installed in these interface type 2 or interface type 3 areas of the plant.
lt should be noted that the electromagnetic environment within these interface type 2 and 3 (and other) areas can vary significantly depending on the specific plant location and installation/design practices. lf the equipment will be installed in a more or less severe environment (or if the country specific standards are different), then the test levels candeviate from those presented in this document as long as an appropriately documented justification is provided. Guidance is provided in Annex B to aid in determining specific test levels and providing the proper justification based upon the intended installation location.Further information on the interface types in typical power stations can be found in IEC 61000-6-5.Additional information for classification of the electromagnetic environmentcan be found in lEC TR 61000-2-5.BS IEC 62003 pdf download.