EN IEC 60034-5:2001 pdf free.Rotating electrical machines – Part 5: Degrees of protection provided by the integral design of rotating electrical machines (IP code) – Classification (IEC 60034-5:2020).
The amount of water which has entered the machine shall not be capable of interfering with its satisfactory operation.The windings and live parts not designed to operate when wet shall notbe wet and no accumulation of water which could reach them shall occur inside the machine.lt is, however, permissible for the blades of fans inside rotating machines to be wet and leakage along the shaft is allowable if provision is made for drainage of this water.
10.2.3 Withstand voltage test
ln the case of a test on a machine not running:
a) the machine shall be operated under no-load conditions at rated voltage for 15 min,
b) then be submitted to a withstand voltage test, the test voltage being 50 % of the test voltagefor a new machine (but not less than 125 % of the rated voltage).
In the case of a test on a running machine,only the withstand voltage test is made,inaccordance with item b) above.
The test is deemed satisfactory if these checks show no failure.
11 Requirements and tests for open weather-protected machines
The degree of protection W is intended for air-cooled open machines with open circuit cooling,that is,machines with cooling systems designated by ICOX to IC3X according to lEC 60034-6.Weather-protected machines shall be so designed that the ingress of rain, snow and airborneparticles into the electrical parts is reduced.
Other measures providing weather protection (such as encapsulated windings or totalenclosure) are not designated by w.
Machines with degree of protection W shall have ventilation passages constructed such that:
a) at both intake and discharge,high-velocity air and airborne particles are prevented from entering the internal passages leading directly to the electrical parts of the machine;
b) the air intake path, by baffling or use of separate housings, provides at least three abruptchanges in the direction of the air intake, each of which is at least 90 °;
c) the air intake path provides an area of average velocity not exceeding 3 m/s, enabling any particles to settle.Removable or otherwise easy to clean filters or any other arrangementfor the separation of particles may be provided instead of a settling chamber.
The protection of the machine against contact, foreign objects and water shall comply with theconditions and tests specified for the stated degree of protection.
The design of the terminal box shall ensure a degree of protection of at least lP54.
lf necessary, arrangements to provide protection against icing,moisture,corrosion or otherabnormal conditions shall be made by agreement (e.g.by using anti-condensation heating).For the verification of weather protection w, a study of drawings is generally sufficient.EN IEC 60034-5 pdf download.