EN IEC 60603-7:2020 pdf free.Connectors for electronic equipment – Part 7: Detail specification for 8-way, unshielded, free and fixed connectors (IEC 60603-7:2020)
See Clause 5 of lEC 61076-1:2006.
This document states the test sequence (in accordance with this document) and the numberof specimens for each test sequence.
Individual variants may be submitted to type tests for approval of those particular variants.
lt is permissible to limit the number of variants tested to a selection representative of the whole range for which approval is required (which may be less than the range covered by the detail specification), but each feature and characteristic shall be validated against the dimensional requirements and test sequences specified in this document.
The connectors shall have been processed in a careful and workmanlike manner,in accordance with good current practice.
Unless otherwise specified, mated sets of connectors shall be tested.For contact resistance measurements,care shall be taken to keep a particular combination of connectors together during the complete test sequence; that is, when un-mating is necessary for a certain test, the same connectors shall be mated for subsequent tests.
Figure 12 illustrates the arrangements for the free and fixed connector interface contact resistance measurements.
The test methods specified and given in the relevant standards are the preferred methods but not necessarily the only ones that can be used. In case of dispute,however,the specified method shall be used as the reference method.
Unless otherwise specified, all tests shall be carried out under standard atmospheric conditions for testing as specified in lEC 60068-1.
Where approval procedures are involved and alternative methods are employed, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to satisfy the authority granting approval that any alternative methods which he may use give results equivalent to those obtained by the methods specified in this document.
Before the tests are made,the connectors shall be preconditioned under standard atmospheric conditions for testing as specified in IEC 60068-1 for a period of 24 h,unlessotherwise specified by the detail specification.
The conductor diameter for these connectors shall be specified by the manufacturer, and shal lbe selected (as a minimum) from the following:
a) for the fixed connector, the conductor diameter of lEC 61156-2,IEC 61156-4,IEC 61156-5 or IEC 61156-7;
for the free connector, the conductor diameter of lEC 61156-3 or lEC 61156-6.
When mounting is required in a test,unless otherwise specified,the connectors shall be rigidly mounted on a metal plate or to specified accessories,whichever is applicable,using the specified connection methods,fixing devices and panel cut-outs as laid down in this specification.EN IEC 60603-7 pdf download.