EN IEC 62040-1-2019 pdf free.Uninterruptible power systems (UPS) – Part 1 : Safety requirements (IEC 62040-1:2017).
For permanently connected UPS, backfeed protection may be implemented external to theUPS with the use of an AC input line isolation device.
In this case,the backfeed protection requirement applies to the input terminals of theisolation device.The UPs supplier shall provide or specify a suitable isolating device whichshall include additional labelling and instructions in accordance with
Compliance is checked by inspection of the equipment and relevant circuit diagram, and bysimulating fault conditions in accordance with
When an air gap is employed for backfeed protection,the provision of lEC 62477-1:2012,Table 10 and Table 11 for creepage and clearance distances applies in addition to thefollowing.
a) Subject to confirmation from the manufacturer, the UPs output,in stored energy mode, may be considered a transient free circuit of overvoltage category l (for this purposeidentify the overvoltage category l value in lEC 62477-1:2012,Table 9, by using theappropriate UPS RMS system output voltage).An impulse voltage withstand test is notrequired since there is no transient overvoltage present when the AC main input supply isnot available.Therefore, the overvoltage category values apply without an impulse test.
b) The creepage and clearance distances shall meet the requirements for pollution degree 2(see lEC 62477-1:2012,Table 10 and Table 11).
c)Reinforced or equivalent insulation of the Ups output to the Ups input applies if during
stored energy mode of operation not all input poles are isolated by the backfeedprotection device. In all other cases,basic insulation is acceptable. lmpulse withstandvoltage is not required since there is no impulse when the AC main input supply is notavailable.Therefore, the pollution degree values apply without an impulse test.
Subclause 4.9 in lEC 62477-1:2012 applies,except as follows:Add the following text:
The UPs, as a minimum, shall comply with the following indoor conditions: climatic,pollutiondegree,and humidity condition of the skin as part of the environmental service condition 3K2of Table 18 of lEC 62477-1:2012.The manufacturer may elect to comply with environmentalservice conditions more onerous than 3K2 subject to the UPs being marked accordingly(see 6.2).
4.10 Protection against sonic pressure hazards
Replace the existing text of 4.10 in lEC 62477-1:2012 by the following:
The requirements for protection against sonic pressure hazards are considered to be beyondthe scope of this document because such requirements are dependent on local regulations.EN IEC 62040-1 pdf download.