EN IEC 62919:2018 pdf free.Content management – Monitoring and management of personal digital content.
4Basic system structure4.1 View of digital content
Clause 4 shows the system behaviour and operations to visualize and monitor all digital contentthat users have.The system behaviour and operations are listed as follows.
a) Each device sends out the content preservation information to the content information server, which gathers the information on digital content saved on the device.
b) The content information server receives and stores the content preservation information.The saved content preservation information can be extracted in user ID units.
Figure 1 shows the system behaviour on a) and b) in 4.1.
c) The content information server provides an interface that enables other servers to extract content information in user lD units. The same or other servers can use the interface tocreate the HTML format on my library and send it to the monitoring devices. The interfacealso enables other servers and service providers to get, search and analyze users’ contentusage information or content preference information.
4.2Consumption of digital content
lf users want to access or consume digital content from my library,the application sends arequest for content delivery to the content server or other devices. Its access methods can beimplemented over the existing, or new, technology.
Figure 4 shows an overview on how to consume digital content on my library.
Users register their user lDs and their devices with a central server or a cloud server. User lDand device ID are used for the communication between the server and the client’s device.
5.2 Required functionalities
5.2.1 Content devices
A content device creates content preservation information by reading out necessary data incontent format and sends it out to the content information server.
When the content preservation condition is changed on the content devices, the content devicessend out the modification information to the server.That enables my library to display the latestcondition of the stored content.
5.2.2Content information server
Content information servers provide APls by which other servers can retrieve content usageinformation,users’ preference information and users’ attribute information by user units.Thecontent information server cooperates with online storage services when the users wish toconsume digital content.
Content information servers can manage and implement users’ access control based not only onuser IDs, but also on family IDs.
5.2.3Personal content monitoring device
When users modify the view structure or arrangement of my library on the monitoring devices,the monitoring devices save the customized change information or upload it to the contentinformation server.EN IEC 62919 pdf download.