EN IEC 63033-3-2019 pdf free.Car multimedia systems and equipment – Drive monitoring system – Part 3: Measurement methods (IEC 63033-3:2019).
The field of view of the system is the visible area as displayed by composite images (i.e. fromthe multiple cameras composing the system) or the image captured by any single camera. lfthe purpose of the application of this system is to replace an existing type approval that isrequired for vehicular equipment, it shall comply with the respective regulation.For example,the FOV shall capture the respective FOV as defined in UN Regulations No. 46 and No. 125(Class l to VI) if the system is intended to be used in such an application.Some examples ofviews representing FoVs of Class l to Vl is described in Annex A. The compulsory or optionalFOV shall follow the requirement as specified in the table under paragraph in UNRegulation No.46.
The manufacturer of the camera ECU shall provide information of the start-up time of thesystem. The start-up time means the time from powering on the ignition to the initialcomposite view being displayed on the monitor. The start-up time shall be 7 s or less. Thestart-up time shall be measured as specified in lSO 16505:2019,7.3.
The manufacturer of the camera ECU shall provide information on the frame rate of thesystem.The frame rate shall be more than 30 fps. While manoeuvring at low speed, the framerate can drop (e.g. owing to image processing) but shall be never be below 15 fps. The framerate shall be measured as specified in lSo 16505:2019,7.9.1.
The camera’s ECU should have a sufficiently short latency to render the image to display atnearly the same time as the camera image is captured.The latency is the time difference fromwhen a light is captured by the camera until the time it becomes visible to the display.Thelatency shall be lower than 200 ms and shall be measured as specified inISO 16505:2019,7.9.3.
Figures A.1 to A.8 provide some examples of views representing FOVs of Class l to Vl,alarger FoV on the passenger side,and also some example of views as specified withinsection 5.4.1 of UN Regulation No.125,using an image generated by more than two camerascomprising a drive monitoring system. However, the generated example views provided in thisdocument do not necessarily comply with uniform provisions as described, for example, in theUN Regulation No.46 or UN Regulation No.125.For more details on what can be displayed and what cannot be displayed, it is strongly recommended to check the applicable regulations.EN IEC 63033-3 pdf download.