EN IEC 63073-1:2020 pdf free.Dedicated radionuclide imaging devices – Characteristics and test conditions – Part 1: Cardiac SPECT (IEC 63073-1:2020).
From the above measurements, plot the coUNTRATE CHARACTERISTIc (i.e. measured cOUNTRATEversus ACTIVITY).
The conversion factor between ACTIVITY and cOUNT RATE without coUNTLoss is determined fromeach of the three frames with lowest ACTIVITY and averaged.Care is taken to acquire enoughcounts in these frames to ensure a statistical precision of 1 % or better.
The measured coUNT RATE is plotted against the TRUE COUNT RATE.
The ACTIVITY is specified as the total amount of ACTIVITY within the phantom.
Report the graph showing the coUNT RATE CHARACTERISTIc.Report the maximum observedCOUNT RATE and the AcTIVITY at which it is measured.Report the maximum percent deviationobserved from the TRUE COUNT RATE and the ACTIVITY at which it is measured.
SYSTEM SENSITIVITY is a parameter that characterizes the effectiveness of a system to identifythe radiation emitted from a RADIOACTIVE SoURCE, i.e. the rate at which events are detected inthe presence of a RADIOACTIVE SoURCE with low ACTIVITY where coUNT LOsSEs are negligible.The measured coUNT RATE for a given ACTIVIiTY and RADIONUCLIDE depends on many factors,including the detector material, its size and thickness, the size and shape of the RADIOACTIVEsouRCE including its absorption and scatter properties,and instrument’s dead time,energythresholds and cOLLIMATOR.
The purpose of this measurement is to determine the detected rate of events per unit of ACTIVITYfor a standard volume source of given dimensions at a specified location and for a specifiedCOLLIMATOR.Variation in sensitivity between detectors in a multi-detector system can introduceartefacts in a reconstructed image and so is also measured.
The sYSTEM SENSITIVITY test places a known amount of ACTIViTY of a specified RADIONUCLIDE ata specified REFERENCE PoINt for the camera and observes the resulting coUNTRATE.From thesevalues the sYSTEM SENSITIVITY and the sensitivity variation between detectors are calculated.The test is critically dependent upon accurate assays of ACTIViTY as measured in a dosecalibrator or well counter as well as the source position.
The RADIONUCLIDE used for this measurement is 99mTc and the ENERGY WINDow is140 keV ± 10 %.
The RADIOACTIVE SoURCE is a 1 ml ±10 % sphere. The RADIOACTIVE SoURCE is placed at theREFERENCE POINT of the camera.
Counts are acquired until a minimum of 10 000 counts are recorded in each CARDIAC DETECTORHEAD. The acquisition duration is recorded. For pixelated detectors,BAD PIXEL corrections areenabled.EN IEC 63073-1 pdf download.