IEC 60034-11:2020 pdf free.Rotating electrical machines -Part 11: Thermal protection.
Type tests are to verify the compliance of a thermal protection system with the requirements ofthis document.
Tests shall be made on a machine which is representative of the machine type.The proposedthermal protection system shall be installed.
Temperature sensors used for testing shall be located in positions representative of the locationof the thermal detectors used by the thermal protection system.
8.2 Verification of temperature due to the thermal overloads with slow variation
Starting with the machine at operating temperature, the load shall be slowly increased so thatthe temperature of the winding increases at a rate of less than 1 K per 5 min. Temperaturesshall be recorded at a minimum of 10 min intervals.
When the thermal protection system trips, the supply to the machine shall be switched off if it isnot directly interrupted by the thermal protection device. The winding temperature shall bedetermined immediately after tripping in accordance with the requirements of 8.6.2 oflEC60034-1:2017.
The winding temperatures specified in Table 1 shall not be exceeded.
8.3Verification of temperature due to thermal overloads with rapid variation
Verification of the temperature is required only in cases where a motor is protected by built-inpositive temperature coefficient thermistors (PTC) or via a thermostat and where it is notprotected by a thermal protection device.
Starting with the machine at ambient temperature,with the rotor locked to prevent rotation,apply rated voltage to the windings. At the end of the energised period,the maximumtemperature of the winding shall be recorded.For manual re-set systems, the protector shall bere-closed as quickly as possible and power restored.
Protection systems with automatic resetting shall be operated for a minimum of 10 cycles,unless the change in peak temperature between two cycies is below 5 K.
The highest temperature attained shall not exceed the values in Table 2.
9 Routine tests
Devices used for thermal detection shall be tested for circuit continuity to assure that no damag ehas occurred during installation.IEC 60034-11 pdf download.