IEC 60034-2-3:2020 pdf free.Rotating electrical machines – Specific test methods for determining losses and efficiency of converter-fed AC motors.
lt is preferred to feed current and voltage directly into the power analyser. If an external currenttransducer is required,no conventional current transformers shall be used. Instead,widebandwidth shunts or zero-flux transducers shall be used.
Fundamental voltage shall be measured at the motor terminals using a digital power analyserequipped with suitable software (FFT,Fast Fourier Transformation).
Internal line filters in digital power meters shall be turned off.Synchronization filters (also knownas zero-cross filters) that are not in the signal path may be used.
For power measurement, the three-wattmeter method is preferred.All cables used to transmitmeasurement signals shall be shielded. lt has to be noted, that the cable shield is not routedthrough the current transducers.
The instrumentation used to measure supply frequency shall have an accuracy of ±0,1 % of fullscale.The speed measurement should be accurate within 0,1 revolution per minute for speedsup to 3 0o0 min-1 and 0,03 %above.
The instrumentation used to measure the torque shall have a minimum class of 0,2 when therated efficiency is expected to be below 92 %,0,1 below 95 %and 0,05 or better for higherefficiencies.The minimum torque measured shall be at least 10 % of the torque measurementdevice’s rated torque. lf a better class instrument is used, the allowed torque range can beextended accordingly .
For all tests using the comparable converter,it should be parameterized according to therequirements of this document or, if a unique combination of converter and motor is to be tested,the converter should be parameterized according to the specific application requirements.Thechosen parameter settings shall be recorded in the test report.
The comparable converter has to be understood as a voltage source independent of loadcurrent.
lt has to be noted, that the so-called comparable converter operating mode is not intended orrequested for any commercial application,but it is a typical set-up.The purpose of thecomparable converter set-up is to establish comparable test conditions for motors designed foroperation with commercially available converters.
The reference conditions defined below shall only be used for verification of compliance withnational energy efficiency regulations, in particular the 90 % speed and 100 % torque load point.For all other purposes including the interpolation procedure according to Annex A preferablythe original system configuration should be used.IEC 60034-2-3 pdf download.