IEC 60309-5-2017 pdf free.Plugs, socket-outlets and couplers for industrial purposes – Part 5: Dimensional compatibility and interchangeability requirements for plugs, socket-outlets, ship connectors and ship inlets for low-voltage shore connection systems (LVSC).
This part of 60309 applies to a single type of plug, socket-outlet, ship connector and ship inlet, hereinafter referred to as accessories, intended to connect ships to dedicated shore supply systems described in IEC/IEEE 80005-3.
This part of lEG 60309 applies to three-phase accessories with an earth contact and with four pilot contacts.
NOTE I In the following countries the term ground is used instead of earth: US.These accessories have a maximum rated current of 350 A and a maximum rated operating voltage not exceeding 690 V 50/60 Hz.
NOTE 2 The various operating currents, voltages and frequencies required for various types of ship are sel by the shore supply system described in IEC/IEEE 80005-3.
These accessories are intended to be installed and operated by instructed persons
(lEG 60050-195:1998. Amendment 1:2001, 195-04-02) or skilled persons
(IEC 60050-195:1998. Amendment 1:2001, 195-04-01) only.
This standard applies to accessories for primary use outdoors in a seawater environment
when the ambient temperature is normally within the range of —25 °C to +40 DC.
NOTE 3 In some countries, other ambient temperatures may prevail and may need to be taken into account
These accessories are intended to be connected to cables of copper or copper alloy only.
Socket-outlets or ship inlets incorporated in or fixed to electrical equipment which is part of the shore connection system are within the scope of this standard.
In locations where special conditions prevail, for example where explosions are liable to occur, additional requirements may be necessary.
2 Normative references
The following documents are referred to in the text in such a way that some or all of their content constitutes requirements of this document. For dated references, only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies.
Clause 2 of lEG/IEEE 80005-3:— and Clause 3 of IEC 60309-1:1999 + Al :2005 + A2:2012 apply with the following additions:
ISO 9227:20 12, Corrosion tests in artificial atmospheres — Salt spray tests.
Accessories and their mounting means shall be constructed to resist the corrosion induced by
a seawater environment.
Ferrous parts, including enclosures, shall be adequately protected against rusting.
Compliance is checked with the following test:
Parts to be tested are subjected to a salt spray (log) using the test method in Salt Spray (Fog) Testing, ISO 9227:2012, and employing a 5 % (by weight) salt solution, for 200 h. At the end of the test, the parts are removed from the chamber, and washed in clean running water not warmer than 38 °C, to remove salt deposits from the surface. Parts are dried immediately. Surface corrosion may be cleaned by light brushing. if required. to observe corrosion of the underlying surface.
Parts are acceptable if, upon completion of the test, they do not show pitting, cracking, or other deterioration more severe than that resulting from a similar test on passivated X5CrNI18-9 (ISO name 430 1-304-00-I) stainless steel according to ISO 15510:20 14.
Exception: an enclosure constructed of X5CrNII8-9 (ISO name 430 1-304-00-I) or X3CrNiMo17-12-3 (ISO name 4436-316-00-I) stainless steel according to ISO 15510:2014 is not required to be subjected to this test.
29 CondItional short-circuit current withstand test
Clause 29 of IEC 60309-1:1999 + Al :2005 + A2:2012 applies except as follows:
291 Replacement:
The socket-outlet and mating plug as well as the ship connectors and mating ship inlet shall have:
• a minimum prospective short circuit current withstand of 16 kA RMS/1 S.
• a maximum rated peak withstand current of 40 kA.
Compliance is checked by testing a socket-outlet and a mating plug with a new complementary socket-outlet and mating plug complying with this standard, and a ship connector and a mating ship inlet with a new complementary ship connector and mating ship inlet complying with this standard.IEC 60309-5 pdf download.