IEC 60376-2018 pdf free.Specification of technical grade sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) and complementary gases to be used in its mixtures for use in electrical equipment.
The error in the final mixing percentage of the SF6 gas mixture mainly depends on thehandling and purity of the gas.The error due to handling can be reduced by using gas mixingdevices,or high accuracy manometers and thermometers (e.g. class 0.1 or better).The errordue to purity can be reduced by using high purity gases (e.g. 99,9 % volume or higher).
The concentration of Ng in Table 2 and the concentration of CF 4in Table 3 are calculated bysubtracting from 100 % volume the sum of all contaminants.For the determination of totalacidity,the sum of all acidic compounds is reported as one value and expressed as HFequivalent, for further information refer to [1] and [2].
NOTE 1 The concentration of the contaminants in CFR can be different between the liquid and gas phase.Humidity, O, and N, are most likely present in the gas phase while oil is most likely present in liquid phase.
NOTE 2 Detection techniques applicable for laboratory and field verification of these limits are given in Annex C.
7 Environmental impact
SF6,CF and SF  mixtures with N, and/or CF have a certain environmental impact. Due tothis impact,SF, CF4 and their gas mixtures shall be handled carefully to prevent deliberaterelease of SF and CF4 gas into the atmosphere.
More detailed information concerning environmental impact is reported in Annex B.
8Handling, storage and transportation
8.1Gas handling procedures
The need to handle SF and SF mixtures in accordance with the present document,ariseswhen:
the gas is introduced into electrical equipment,
the gas pressure is topped up in closed pressure systems,
the gas is drawn from a container for analysis.
For other handling procedures,for example when the gas has to be recovered from anenclosure, a proper handling procedure shall be defined and implemented to limit any releaseof SF。into the environment wherever possible. Further information concerning handlingprocedures for SF6and SF。 mixtures is provided in lEC 62271-4.
8.2Storage and transportation
Information concerning gas storage and transportation is provided in lEC 62271-4.
Specific labelling of containers shall be implemented in accordance with the mode of transportand the local and international regulations.IEC 60376 pdf download.