IEC 60384-21-2019 pdf free.Fixed capacitors for use in electronic equipment – Part 21: Sectional specification – Fixed surface mount multilayer capacitorsof ceramic dielectric, Class.
4.2outline drawing and dimensions
There shall be an illustration of the capacitors as an aid to easy recognition and forcomparison of the capacitors with others.
Dimensions and their associated tolerances,which affect interchangeability and mounting,shall be given in the detail specification. All dimensions shall be stated in millimetres;however,when the original dimensions are given in inches, the converted metric dimensionsin millimetres shall be added.
Normally the numerical values shall be given for the length,width and height of the body.When necessary,for example when a number of items (sizes and capacitance/voltage ranges)are covered by a detail specification, the dimensions and their associated tolerances shall beplaced in a table below the drawing.
When the configuration is other than described above, the detail specification shall state suchdimensional information as will adequately describe the capacitors.
The detail specification shall give guidance on methods of mounting for normal use.Mountingfor test and measurement purposes (when required) shall be in accordance with 8.4 of thissectional specification.
4.4Rating and characteristics
The ratings and characteristics shall be in accordance with the relevant clauses of thissectional specification,together with 4.4.2,4.4.3 and 4.4.4.
4.4.2 Nominal capacitance range See
When products approved to the detail specification have different ranges,the followingstatement should be added: “The range of capacitance values available in each voltage rangeis given in the register of approvals,available for example on the IECQ on-line certificatesystem website:”.
4.4.3 Particular characteristics
Additional characteristics may be listed when they are considered necessary to specifyadequately the component for design and application purposes.
4.4.4 Soldering
The detail specification shall prescribe the test methods,severities and requirementsapplicable for the solderability and the resistance to soldering heat tests.
5.3Marking on the body
These capacitors are generally not marked on the body. If some marking can be applied, theyshall be clearly marked with as many as possible of the items stated in 5.2 as is considereduseful.Any duplication of information in the marking on the capacitor should be avoided.
5.4Requirements for marking
Any marking shall be legible and not easily smeared or removed by rubbing with fingers.
5.5 Marking of the packaging
The packaging containing the capacitor(s) shall be clearly marked with all the informationlisted in 5.2.
5.6Additional marking
Any additional marking shall be so applied that no confusion can arise.
6 Preferred ratings and characteristics
6.1 Preferred characteristics
Preferred climatic categories only shall be given in the preferred characteristics.
The capacitors covered by this document are classified into climatic categories in accordancewith the general rules given in lEC 60068-1:2013,Annex A.IEC 60384-21 pdf download.