IEC 60601-1:2020 pdf free.Medical electrical equipment – General requirements for basic safety and essential performance.
TOTAL LOAD maximum total loading of a part including the maximum SAFE WORKING LOAD, where applicable,and the static and dynamic forces occurring in NORMAL USE
NOTE 1 Examples of dynamic forces include forces caused by acceleration or deceleration of masses.
NOTE 2 Where a load is divided over several parallel supporting parts and the distribution over these parts is notdetermined unequivocally, the least favourable possibility is to be considered.
TOUcH CURRENT LEAKAGE CURRENT flowing from the ENCLOSURE or from parts thereof,excluding PATIENTCONNECTIONS,accessible to any oPERATOR or PATIENT in NORMAL USE, through an external pathother than the PROTECTIVE EARTH CONDUCTOR, to earth or to another part of the ENcLOSURE
NOTE The meaning of this term is the same as that of “enclosure leakage current” in the first and secondeditions of this standard. The term has been changed to align with IEC 60950-1 and to reflect the fact that themeasurement now applies also to parts that are normally PROTECTIVELY EARTHED.
TRANSPORTABLE term referring to equipment that,once installed and placed into service,is intended to bemoved from one place to another whether or not connected to a supply and without anappreciable restriction of range
EXAMPLE MoBILE equipment,and PORTABLE equipment.and BODY-WORN equipmentNOTE See the taxonomy in the rationale for definition 3.63.
TRAPPING ZONE accessible location on or within the ME EQUIPMENT,ME SYSTEM or in the equipmentenvironment where a human body or a part of the human body is exposed to a trapping.crushing, shearing, impact,cutting, entanglement, drawing in, stabbing or abrasion HAZARD.
TYPE B APPLIED PART APPLIED PART complying with the specified requirements of this standard to provide protectionagainst electric shock, particularly regarding allowable PATIENT LEAKAGE CURRENT and PATIENTAUXILIARY CURRENT.
Unless otherwise specified, the requirements of this standard shall apply in NORMAL uSE andreasonably foreseeable misuse.
When applying this standard to ME EQUIPMENT or ME SYSTEMs intended for the compensation oralleviation of disease, injury or disability, the definitions and requirements that use the termPATIENT shall be considered as applying to the person for whom the ME EQUIPMENT or MEsYSTEM is intended.IEC 60601-1 pdf download.