IEC 60603-7-2019 pdf free.Connectors for electronic equipment – Detail specification for 8-way, unshielded, free and fixed connectors.
A connector may include multiple terminations between the cable termination and theseparable contact interface. These may include press-in connections of fixed connectorcontacts into PCBs for example. All terminations shall meet the relevant terminationrequirements.
Free connectors are intended to be terminated to cable to provide connector and cableassemblies.The connector manufacturer shall provide basic information concerning the typeof conductor (stranded,solid) to which the connector may be applied,and the type ofconnection used (solder,insulation displacement,etc.). Specific details concerning wiregauge size, type and thickness of conductor insulation,size and shape of cordage or cablesheath,etc. are not intended to be part of this detail specification.Minor variations in a freeconnector’s interior details to accommodate differing wire gauge sizes, outer sheaths, etc. donot require the generation of new free-connector specifications.
ln the case where a type of solderless termination is used which is not covered by any lECstandard and the supplier cannot demonstrate a similar level of performance or there is noapplicable lEC 60352 standard to be used as a reference,the supplier shall showconformance with the full test schedule in 7.7 for all possible variations of termination, forexample each cable construction type (screen construction types,wire construction (solid,flexible)) the connector is intended to be used for.
Compliance to the test schedules is intended to ensure the reliability of all performanceparameters,including transmission parameters,over the range of operating climaticconditions. Stable and compliant contact resistance is a good indication of the stability oftransmission performance.
For those specifications where pin and pair groupings are relevant, the pin and pair groupingassignments shall be as shown in Figure 9 unless otherwise specified.The lowest and highest temperatures and the duration of the damp-heat steady-state testshould be selected from the preferred values stated in 2.3 of IEC 61076-1:2006. Theconnectors are classified into climatic categories in accordance with the general rules given inIEC 60068-1.The temperature range and severity of the damp heat, steady state test given inTable 7 are compatible with lSO/EC 11801 classification of an office environment.IEC 60603-7 pdf download.