IEC 60869-1-2018 pdf free.Fibre optic interconnecting devices and passive components-Fibre optic passive power control devices – Part 1: Generic specification.
The optical fuse protects against power spikes and surges.The optical fuse is placed either atthe input port of an optical device, such as in the case of a detector, or at the output port of ahigh power device,such as in the case of a laser or optical amplifier.An activated (burnt) fusepermanently blocks the forward optical power without increasing the reflected power,thuspreventing damage.The optical fuse can be used as an eye safety device.
Annexes A and B describe optical fuse configuration and performance examples, and opticalfuse application notes.
4.3Optical power limiter
The optical power limiter (see Figure 4) is a passive device that regulates the optical power infibres,producing a controlled,constant output power Pout-imit as a result of varying inputpower higher than Pin-limit,and has no influence at powers below Pin-imit· Under normaloperation,when the input power is low, the optical power limiter has no effect on the system.However, when the input power is high, the optical output power is limited to a predeterminedlevel(Pout-Jlimit). The optical power limiter can typically operate under continuous wave (Cw)input up to 5 dB above Pin-Jimit,and can sustain short duration pulses and spikes (1 s/min) upto 8 dB above Pin-limit.
The optical power limiter is used at the input of power-sensitive equipment and at the outputof high power devices,such as amplifiers,or wherever power regulation is required. Theoptical power limiter can serve as an eye safety device. The optical power limiter iswavelength independent in the region of its transparency. The optical power limiter isbidirectional. The optical power limiter is,in some cases,combined in line with an opticalfuse, ensuring that at high powers,when the optical power limiter fails, the following device isnot exposed to damaging power.
Annexes C and D describe optical power limiter configuration and performance examples, andoptical power limiter application notes.IEC 60869-1 pdf download.