IEC 60974-5-2019 pdf free.Arc welding equipment-Part 5: Wire feeders.
WIRE FEEDERs shall be class l, class ll or class lll equipment in accordance with IEC 61140.with the exception of the welding circuit.
Connection of exposed conductive parts to the protective conductor is not required if thesupply voltage is supplied by the welding circuit or safety extra-low voltage (SELV).
Connection of exposed conductive parts to the protective conductor is required if the wIREFEEDER is rated for supply voltages above SELV.The protective conductor connection shall besecured to the frame or enclosure by a screw or fastening that shall not require removalduring any servicing operation. Solder alone shall not be used for securing the protectiveconductor terminals. This terminal shall not be used for any other purpose (such as forclamping two parts of the casing together).
The welding circuit and conductive parts connected to the welding circuit shall not beconnected to the protective conductor.
Where a protective conductor is used,it shall be protected against damage by stray weldingcurrents, for example, by:
a) a device to sense welding current in the protective earth conductor under a fault conditionand to de-energize the welding circuit or
b) insulation of the relevant metal parts, for example, by an enclosure.
Conformity of designs in line with examplea) shall be tested by:
1) testing that a current not greater than the rated current value of the protective conductor does de-energize the welding circuit;
2) passing the maximum rated welding current through the protective conductor until the welding circuit is de-energized without damage.
Conformity of designs in line with example b) shall be checked by visual inspection.
Live parts at welding potential (for example,filler wire,wire spool,DRIVE ROLLs) shall beisolated from the wIRE FEEDER frame or other structure to which they are attached by basicinsulation (minimum clearances are specified in Table 1 of lEC 60974-1:2017 and minimumcreepage distances are specified in Table 2 of lEC 60974-1:2017).
Conformity shall be checked as specified in 6.1.2 and 6.1.3 of lEC 60974-1:2017.
For class l stand-alone wlRE FEEDERs,6.3.6 of lEC 60974-1:2017 applies.
The supply voltage shall be supplied from the supply network provided that the requirementsof 6.3.1 are met or be supplied from a welding power source as specified in 11.5 ofIEC60974-1:2017.
Internal wiring shall be protected by an overcurrent protective device such as a fuse orcircuit-breaker.
lf a wIRE FEEDER is designed for use with a specific welding power source, the overcurrentprotective device may be within the welding power source.
Conformity shall be checked by visual inspection.
The supply cable anchorage of wIRE FEEDERs which are supplied by a voltage in excess ofsafety extra-low voltage (SELV) shall meet the requirements of 10.6 of lEc 60974-1:2017,except for those powered from the welding circuit.IEC 60974-5 pdf download.