IEC 61000-6-3-2020 pdf free.Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)— Generic standards -Emission standard for equipment in residential environments.
Measurements shall be conducted in a defined and reproducible manner.
The measurements may be performed in any order.
The description of the measurement,the measurement instrumentation,the measurementmethods and the measurement set-up to be used are given in the standards,referred to inTable 3 to Table 6. The contents of these standards are not repeated here,howevermodifications or additional information needed for the practical application of the measurementsare given in this document.
All aspects of testing the EUT shall be defined and documented in a test plan prior to testing.This requirement includes, but is not limited to, the following details: EUT configuration,EUTmodes of operation,EUT highest internal frequency (see Table 2), EUT arrangement(see Table1).These details as a minimum shall be included in the test report.
The EUT shall be tested in the operating mode producing the largest emission in the frequencyband being assessed,consistent with intended use.The configuration of the test sample shallbe varied to achieve maximum emission consistent with typical use and installation practice.
lf the EUT is part of a system, or can be connected to associated equipment, the EUT shall betested while connected to the minimum representative configuration of associated apparatusnecessary to exercise the ports in a similar manner to that described in CISPR 32. If the EUThas a large number of similar ports or ports with many similar connections, a sufficient numbershall be selected to simulate actual operating conditions and to ensure that all the differenttypes of termination are covered.
In cases where the equipment instructions requires external filtering,shielding devices ormeasures, these measures shall be applied during the measurements.
The measurements shall be carried out at one single set of parameters within the operatingranges of temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure specified for the product and at therated supply voltage,unless otherwise indicated in the basic standard.The relevant conditionsshall be recorded in the test report.
Where applicable, additional information on EUT configuration can be found in the CISPR 16-2-1,CISPR 16-2-3,CISPR 14-1 or CISPR 32 as referenced in Table 3 to Table 6.IEC 61000-6-3 pdf download.