IEC 61034-1-2019 pdf free.Measurement of smoke density of cables burning under defined conditions -Part 1: Test apparatus.
1.This part of lEC 61034 provides details of the test apparatus to be used for measuring smokeemission when electric or optical fibre cables are burnt under defined conditions, for example,a few cables burnt horizontally. The light transmittance (l.) under flaming combustion andsmouldering conditions can be used as a means of comparing different cables or complyingwith specific requirements.
NOTE For the purposes of this standard, the term “electric cable” covers all insulated metallic conductor cablesused for the conveyance of energy or signals.
2Normative references
The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of this document.For dated references,only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest editionof the referenced document (including any amendments) applies.
IEC 60695-4,Fire hazard testing – Part 4: Terminology concerning fire tests
IEC Guide 104:1997,The preparation of safety publications and the use of basic safetypublications and group safety publications
ISO/IEC 13943:2000,Fire safety – Vocabulary
3Terms and definitions
IEC 61034-1 For the purposes of this document,the terms and definitions in IEC 60695-4 apply, or if aterm is not defined in lEC 60695-4 then the definition in ISO/IEC 13943 applies.
4 Details of test enclosure
The equipment shall comprise a cubic enclosure with inside dimensions of 3 000 mm ± 30 mmand constructed of a suitable material fixed on to a steel angle frame.One side shall have adoor,with a glass inspection window. Transparent sealed windows (minimum size100 mm x 100 mm) shall be provided on two opposite sides to permit the transmission of abeam of light from the horizontal photometric system.The distance from the floor to the centreof these windows shall be 2 150 mm ± 100 mm (see Figure 1 for plan view).
The walls of the enclosure shall include orifices at ground level (i.e. not greater than 100 mmabove the level of the chamber floor) for the passage of cables,etc., and to permit theenclosure to be at atmospheric pressure.
No orifice shall be directly behind the fire source or on the same wall. A minimum of twoorifices shall be provided and the total area of the orifices open during the test shall be50 cm + 10 cm.
The ambient temperature outside the enclosure shall be 20 C ± 10 °C and the enclosureshall not be directly exposed to sunlight or extreme climatic changes.
NOTE 2 lt should normally be possible to extract fumes from the enclosure after each test through a ductcomplete with valve which should be closed during the test. The duct may include a fan to increase the rate ofextraction. It is recommended that the door of the enclosure be opened to assist the extraction process.
A draught screen,1 500 mm ± 50 mm long and 1 000 mm ± 50 mm high, shall be placed inthe enclosure,at the position shown in Figure 1. lt shall abut on the back wall (with amaximum gap of 10 mm) at a point 750 mm : 25 mm from the side wall, and shall be curvedto intersect the centre line of the enclosure at a point 1 400 mm ± 25 mm from the point ofabutment.IEC 61034-1 pdf download.