IEC 61058-2-1-2018 pdf free.Switches for appliances- Part 2-1: Particular requirements for cord switches.
This document applies to cord switches (mechanical or electronic) for appliances actuated byhand, by foot or by other human activity, to operate or control electrical appliances and otherequipment for household or similar purposes with a rated voltage not exceeding 250 V and arated current not exceeding 16 A.
Throughout this document, the word “appliance” means “appliance or equipment”.
These switches are intended to be operated by a person,via an actuating member or byactuating a sensing unit.The actuating member or sensing unit can be integral or arrangedseparately from the switch. The transmission of a signal between the actuating member orsensing unit and the switch can be made either physically or electrically (for example,electrical, optical, acoustic or thermal).
Switches which incorporate additional control functions governed by the switch function arewithin the scope of this document.
This document also covers the indirect actuation of the switch when the operation of theactuating member or sensing unit is provided by a remote control or a part of an appliancesuch as a door.
NOTE1 Electronic switches can be combined with mechanical switches giving full disconnection ormicro-disconnection.
NOTE 2 Electronic switches without a mechanical switch in the supply circuit provide only electronicdisconnection.Therefore, the circuit on the load side is always considered to be live.
NOTE 3 For switches used in tropical climates, additional requirements can apply.
NOTE 4 Attention is drawn to the fact that the standards for appliances can contain additional or alternativerequirements for switches.
Clause 9 of lEC 61058-1:2016 is applicable except as follows:9.1 Addition at the end of the subclause:
For cord switches, the test is made when the switch is fitted with cords either of the smallestor of the largest nominal cross-sectional area specified in Table 4,whichever is moreunfavourable.
9.1.2 lf a cover or cover plate or a fuse can be removed without the use of a tool,theprotection against contact with live parts shall be assured even after removal of the cover orcover plate.
lf there is a marking on the outside of the switch showing that a fuse is inside and the cover orcover plate has to be removed with a tool, the protection against contact with live parts shallbe assured even after removal of the cover or cover plate.
lf there is no marking on the outside of the switch but the instruction sheet shows that a fuseis inside and the cover or cover plate has to be removed with a tool, either the protectionagainst contact with live parts shall be assured even after removal of the cover or cover plate,or the instruction sheet shall state that the disconnection from the supply before opening shallbe performed.IEC 61058-2-1 pdf download.