IEC 61281-1-2017 pdf free.Fibre optic communication subsystems-Part 1: Generic specification.
fibre optic cable section single optical fibre cable which can be unjointed.
3.19 fibre optic communication system assembly of fibre optic subsystems for transmitting information.
3.20 fibre optic link FOL serial combination of a fibre optic cable plant and optical devices,providing the optical pathbetween a transmit terminal device and a receive terminal device.
Note 1 to entry: This is equivalent to a basic fibre optic subsystem minus the transmitter and receiver.Note 2 to entry: This note applies to the French language only.
3.21 fibre optic subsystem assembly of interconnected basic fibre optic subsystems.
Note to entry: The assembly is specified at defined interfaces within the fibre optic system.3.22
fibre optic terminal device device that converts one or more electrical signals into one or more optical signals, or vice-versa, and that is connected to at least one optical fibre
Note 1 to entry: A fibre optic terminal device always has one or more integral connectors or pigtails.
Note 2 to entry: Examples include a receive terminal device, a transmit terminal device, a transmitter,and areceiver.
3.23 full-width at half-maximum FWHM positive difference of the closest spaced half-power wavelengths, one above and one belowthe peak wavelength of an optical spectrum.
3.25 harmonic distortion distortion in a system or transducer characterized by the presence at the output of spectralcomponents which are harmonically related to the spectral components of the input signal Note 1 to entry: See lEEE Dictionary Online.
3.26 input power range range of optical power levels such that, for any input signal power of the OFA which lies withinthis range, the corresponding output signal power lies in the specified output power range,where the OFA performance is ensured [SOURCE: IEC 61291-1:2012,,modified – ln the definition, the two occurrences ofthe term “OA” have been replaced by “OFA”.]
3.27 intermodulation distortion IMD distortion characterized by the appearance of spectral components with frequencies equal tothe sums and differences of integral multiples of two or more component frequencies of theinput signal.
Note 1 to entry: See IEEE Dictionary Online.
Note 2 to entry: This note applies to the French language only.3.28
intersymbol interference ISI overlap of adjacent pulses as caused by the limited bandwidth characteristics of the opticaldevices in a fibre optic link.IEC 61281-1 pdf download.