IEC 61547-2020 pdf free.Equipment for general lighting purposes- EMC immunity requirements.
Tests are applied to the relevant ports of the equipment as indicated in the respective clauses.For the purposes of this document,DC power ports for supplying regulating controls areconsidered to be signal ports.Tests shall be conducted in a well-defined and reproduciblemanner. Tests shall be carried out as single tests in sequence.The sequence of testing isoptional.
lt may be determined from consideration of the electrical characteristics and usage ofparticular equipment that some of the tests are inappropriate and therefore unnecessary. Insuch cases it is required that the decision not to test be recorded in the test report.
The description of the test, the test generator, the test methods and the test set-up are givenin the basic standards, which are referred to in the relevant clauses.
In this document, in most cases, the selected test levels are based on level 2 values as givenin the basic test and measurement immunity standards; these standards are referred to in therespective clauses.
Further explanation on the methodology and criteria why certain test phenomena, test levelsand performance criteria are chosen for certain types of lighting equipment are given inAnnex A.
Modules are tested as any other lighting equipment but shall be mounted in a representativehost and the port(s) of the module being assessed shall be terminated accordingly. Arepresentative host is a reference luminaire or reference system that enables properfunctioning of the EUT. The functions of the host that are specific to the module beingassessed shall be exercised during the tests. The host shall also incorporate essential EMIprotection means or mitigation measures if these are explicitly specified by the manufacturerfor application of such a module. A representative host shall also include the safety Class l orll features,whichever is applicable. lf the module is tested in a host, the correct functioning ofthe combination shall be verified prior to the application of the disturbance. A detaileddescription of the host shall be given in the test report.Self-ballasted lamps shall be tested inhosts (reference luminaires) as specified in CISPR 15:2018,Annex A.IEC 61547 pdf download.