IEC 61854-2020 pdf free.Overhead lines – Requirements and tests for spacers.
Type tests shall include visual examination to ascertain conformity of the spacers,in allessential respects, with the manufacturing or contract drawings. Deviations from the drawingsshall be subject to the approval of the purchaser and shall be appropriately documented as anagreed concession.
Sample tests and,if required,routine tests shall include visual examination to ensureconformity of manufacturing process,shape, coating and surface finish of the spacer with thecontract drawings. Particular attention shall be given to the markings required and to thefinish of surfaces which come into contact with the conductor.
The sample test procedures and acceptance criteria shall be agreed between purchaser andsupplier.
For spacers subject to corona type tests, the sample test shall include a comparison of shapeand surface finish with one of the corona type test samples when specified or agreed by thepurchaser.
7.2Verification of dimensions, materials and mass
Type, sample and, if required, routine tests shall include verification of dimensions to ensurethat spacers are within the dimensional tolerances stated on contract drawings. Thepurchaser may choose to witness the measurement of selected dimensions or may inspect thesupplier’s documentation when this is available.
Type,sample and, if required,routine tests shall also include verification of materials toensure that they are in accordance with contract drawings and documents. This verificationshall normally be carried out by the purchaser inspecting the supplier’s documentation relatingto material specifications,certificates of conformity or other quality documentation.
The total mass of the spacer complete with all its components shall comply with the massshown on the contract drawing (within given tolerances).
7.3.1 Hot dip galvanized components (other than stranded galvanized steel wires)
Hot dip galvanized components other than stranded galvanized steel wires shall be tested inaccordance with the requirements specified in: IsO 1461.
The coating thicknesses shall conform to Tables 3 and 4 unless otherwise agreed betweenpurchaser and supplier. However,for the purpose of this document,Tables 3 and 4 ofiSO 1461:2009 shall apply to the following categories of items (and not to the categoriesspecified in lSO 1461).
Table 3 of lSO 1461:2009: coating thickness on all samples except:
– washers;
– threaded components;
– small parts which are centrifuged (significant surface area < 1 000 mm2).
7.3.2 Ferrous components protected from corrosion by methods other than hot dip galvanizing
Ferrous components protected from corrosion by methods other than hot dip galvanizing shallbe tested in accordance with the requirement of the relevant lEC/ISO standards, as agreedbetween purchaser and supplier.
7.3.3Stranded galvanized steel wires
Stranded galvanized steel wires shall be tested in accordance with the requirements specifiedin lEC 60888.
7.3.4Corrosion caused by non-metallic components
By agreement between purchaser and supplier,evidence of non-corrosion compatibilitybetween the elastomer and the conductor or spacer components, as appropriate,shall bedemonstrated by a corrosion test or by suitable service experience. Alternatively, and whereappropriate,the purchaser may specify for each subassembly containing an elastomer,arange of electrical resistance which provides adequate conductivity for electrical charging butminimizes galvanic action.IEC 61854 pdf download.