IEC 61892-6-2019 pdf free.Mobile and fixed offshore units – Electrical installations -Part 6: Installation.
8.2 Converter stacks and associated equipment shall not be mounted near sources ofradiant heat energy,such as resistors,steam pipes and engine exhaust pipes.
8.3For liquid cooled type converters,the same installation precautions as specified inClause 6 for liquid-cooled transformers apply.
9secondary cells and batteries
9.1 General
The requirement as to installation is relevant for lead-acid and NiCd/NiMH batteries.Batterytechnology other than lead acid and nickel cadmium could require special consideration oftheir gaseous emissions and location.
9.2.1 Secondary cells and batteries shall be arranged to permit ready access for replacing,inspection,testing,replenishing and cleaning. They shall be located where they are notexposed to excessive heat, extreme cold, spray, steam or other conditions which would impairperformance or accelerate deterioration.
The secondary cells and batteries shall be grouped in racks,crates or trays of rigidconstruction and suitable material, equipped with handles to facilitate handling.
The number of cells in a crate or tray will depend on the weight and on the space available inthe installation. Elements with mass greater than 25 kg shall be clearly marked and suitablemechanical handling facilities should be provided for ergonomic working,as required for cellreplacement.
Batteries for emergency service, including emergency diesel-engine starting, shall be locatedwhere they are protected as far as is practicable from damage caused by collision,fire,flooding, spillage or any other casualty which may limit offshore operation (in accordance withthe lMo MoDu Code).
Batteries shall be installed as per the requirements in Table 1. Battery rooms shall beventilated and/or classified according to lEC61892-7.
Batteries should not be installed in hazardous area locations,except in rooms classified as ahazardous area solely due to the presence of the batteries themselves. lf batteries/secondarycells are installed in an area classified as hazardous due to other leakage sources outside thebattery room, the equipment shall fulfil the requirements of lEC 61892-7.Batteries shall belocated so that the vapours generated from the batteries cannot harm surrounding appliances.
NOTE The best operating conditions for a battery are obtained when the ambient temperature is within the range15 °℃ to 25 °C.Sustained ambient temperatures outside this range can affect battery performance and lifetime andcan therefore require special consideration.
9.2.2 Secondary cells and batteries connected to a charging device shall be installeddepending on the total charging power, as given in Table 1.IEC 61892-6 pdf download.