IEC 62019-2003 pdf free.Electrical accessories – Circuit-breakers and similar equipment for household use – Auxiliary contact units.
The auxiliary contact shall be connected using 1 m (total length) of cable corresponding to theoperational current of the auxiliary contact.
NOTE The power factor may be lower than 0,5 with the agreement of the manufacturer. Test procedure
The auxiliary contact may be operated several times before the test, at no load or at any currentnot exceeding the rated current.
The test shall be made with the actuator of the main switching device in the positioncorresponding to the closed position of the auxiliary contact unit under test. The test isperformed by closing the making switch,which is maintained in closed position until the shortcircuit protective device (scPD) operates. The test is performed three times. After eachoperation,the SCPDs shall be replaced or reset. The time interval between two subsequentoperations shall be not less than 3 min.The actual time interval between test shots shall bestated in the test report. of the auxiliary contact unit after the test
After the test of it shall be possible to open the auxiliary contact(s) by operating themain switching device,and the auxiliary contact unit shall pass the dielectric test of 9.3.4, butat the test voltage reduced by 500 V.
9.4Tests of creepage distances and clearances for electronic circuits
These tests replace the verifications of creepage distances and clearances of electronic circuitsconnected between active conductors (phases and neutral) and/or between active conductorsand the earth circuit when the contacts are in the closed position.
Auxiliary contact units shall not create fire and/or shock hazards under abnormal conditionslikely to occur in service.
The conditions under which a component is used within an auxiliary contact unit shall be inaccordance with the operating characteristics marked on the component and/or given in thedata provided by the manufacturer.
9.4.1 Lorsque les blocs de contacts auxiliaires sont exposes a des conditions anormales, aucunepartie ne doit atteindre des temperatures susceptibles d’engendrer un feu dans les parties placeesautour des blocs de contacts auxiliaires, et aucune partie active ne doit devenir accessible.
La conformitéest verifiee en soumettant les blocs de contacts auxiliaires a un essaid’echauffement dans des conditions de défaut decrites en 9.4.2 et a une vérification de laprotection contre les chocs électriques décrite en 9.2.
9.4.2 Sauf specifications contraires,les essais sont realisés sur les blocs de contactsauxiliaires,montés, raccordés et charges comme specifié en 9.3.3.
La vérification du bloc de contacts auxiliaires et de son diagramme de circuit permettront dedéterminer les conditions de défaut qui doivent etre appliquées.IEC 62019 pdf download.