IEC 62236-3-1-2018 pdf free.Railway applications -Electromagnetic compatibility -Part 3-1: Rolling stock -Train and complete vehicle.
lt can be assumed that measurements will not take place in laboratory conditions.Trees,walls, bridges,tunnels or other conductive objects in the vicinity of the measurement antennacould have an impact on the measurement.Other railway vehicles operating in the samefeeding section or nearby the measuring point may affect the measurement result.Overhead/third rail discontinuities as well as substations,power lines,buried lines,transformers,neutral sections,section insulators,etc.,close to the measuring point maycause additional variations.
These influences shall be reduced as far as practical but in any case no obstacles above raillevel which may influence the measurements shall be located between antenna and EUT.The overhead/third rail should be a continuous line as far as practical on both sides of themeasurement point (typically at least 200 m).
Since it is impossible to avoid the support masts of the overhead,the measurement pointshall be at the midpoint between masts, on the opposite side of the track (in case of a doubletrack, on the side of the track which is being used). lf the railway system is powered by a thirdrail, the antenna shall be on the same side of the track (worst case).
Since resonances may occur in the overhead line at radio-frequencies, it may be necessary tochange the test site.The exact location of the test site and features of both the site and theoverhead system layout shall be noted.
The contribution of the substation may be considered when assessing the emissions from thevehicle. Note that the contribution of a DC substation depends on its load current and will notbe measured properly in a no-load condition.
At the beginning and at the end of the test series the ambient noise shall be recorded. Thismeasurement shall be done without any influence of the vehicle.
lf at specific frequencies or in specific frequency ranges the ambient noise is higher than thelimit values less 6 dB(ambient noise > (limit – 6 dB)), the measurements at these frequenciesneed not be considered.These frequencies shall be noted in the test report.IEC 62236-3-1 pdf download.