IEC 62236-3-2-2018 pdf free.Railway applications – Electromagnetic compatibility -Part 3-2: Rolling stock – Apparatus.
The variety and the diversity of the apparatus within the scope of this document make itdifficult to define precise criteria for the evaluation of the immunity test results.
A functional description and a definition of performance criteria, during or as a consequenceof the EMC testing, shall be provided by the manufacturer and noted in the test report, basedon the criteria A,B,C defined in lEC 62236-1:2018.
5 Conditions during testing
lt is not always possible to test every function of the apparatus.The tests shall be made at atypical operating mode considered by the manufacturer to produce the largest emission ormaximum susceptibility to disturbance as appropriate in the frequency band beinginvestigated consistent with normal applications. The conditions during testing shall bedefined in a test plan (see basic standard of lEC 61000-4 series).
lf the apparatus is part of a system,or can be connected to auxiliary apparatus, then theapparatus shall be tested while connected to the minimum configuration of auxiliary apparatusnecessary to exercise the ports in accordance e.g. with CISPR 32:2015,Clause 6.
The configuration and mode of operation shall be specified in the test plan and the actualconditions, during the tests, shall be precisely noted in the test report.
lf the apparatus has a large number of similar ports or ports with many similar connections,then a sufficient number shall be selected to simulate actual operating conditions and toensure that all the different types of termination are covered (e.g.20 % of the ports or at leastfour ports).
The tests shall be carried out within the specified operating range for the apparatus and at itsnominal supply voltage, unless otherwise indicated.
6 Applicability
The measurements in this document shall be made on the relevant ports of the apparatus.
lt may be determined from consideration of the electrical characteristics, the connection andthe usage of a particular apparatus that some of the tests are not applicable (e.g. radiatedimmunity of induction motors, transformers). In such cases, the decision not to test has to berecorded in the test plan and test report.
lf not otherwise specified, the EMC tests shall be type tests.
7 Emission tests and limits
The emission tests and limits for apparatus covered by this document are given on a port byport basis.
Measurements shall be performed in well-defined and reproducible conditions for each type ofdisturbance.
The radiated emission limits defined for enclosure port in lEC 61000-6-4:2006,Table 1 shallbe complied with.The description of the test, the test methods and the test set-up are given inBasic Standards which are referred to in lEC 61000-6-4:2006.IEC 62236-3-2 pdf download.