IEC 62341-5-2-2019 pdf free.Organic light emitting diode (OLED) displays -Part 5-2: Mechanical endurance test methods.
The choice of waveform to be used depends on a number of factors,and difficulties inherentin making such a choice preclude a preferred order being given in the document (seeIEC 60068-2-27:2008,Clause A.3). The relevant specification shall state the waveform utilized.
Unless otherwise specified by the relevant specification,three successive shocks shall beapplied in each direction of three mutually perpendicular axes of the specimen, for a total of18 shocks. Depending on the number of identical devices available and the mountingarrangements,particularly in the case of components,they can be oriented such that themultiple axis/direction requirements of the relevant specification can be met by the applicationof three shocks in one direction only (see lEC 60068-2-27:2008,Clause A.7).
7.3.5 Evaluation
Visual,dimensional and functional checks shall be performed and compared as described in6.1 to the relevant specification.
7.4 Quasistatic strength
7.4.1 General
IEC 61747-5-3:2009,5.4,is applicable with the following specific conditions.7.4.2 Purpose
The objective of this document is to establish uniform requirements for accurate and reliablemeasurements of the quasistatic strength of OLED panels or modules. The quasistaticstrength of an OLED module may be specified to ensure the mechanical endurance level fromthe quasistatic external loadings in and around the display area in normal use,such as sittingon the product or touching/pushing a finger-tip in the display area.
This document applies to the OLED panels or modules for mobile and IT applications. OLEDmodule products incorporating additional components, for example,a touch screen panel(TSP), protective film and window cover, may be used as an acceptable form of the all cases a minimum sample size of at least six panels or modules shall be used to obtain astatistically significant strength distribution representative of quasistatic resistance of thespecimen to external loadings induced by handling,processing and fabrication of thespecimen specified as a part of the end product.IEC 62341-5-2 pdf download.