IEC 62684-2018 pdf free.Interoperability specifications of common external power supplies (EPS) for use with data-enabled mobile telephones.
This document specifies the interoperability of common external power supplies for use withdata-enabled mobile telephones. It defines the common charging capability and specifiesinterface requirements for the external power supply.
Safety and EMC aspects are not covered by this document. Safety is covered by lEC 60950-1or lEC 62368-1 and EMC is covered by regional /national standards.
This document defines interoperability based on legacy USB technologies and does not covercharging interfaces that implement lEC 62680-1-3(usB Type-C TM 1), IEC 62680-1-2(USB PD)and IEC63002.
NOTE: The content of this document is based on Annex ll dated 12 January 2010 to the MoU regardingHarmonisation of a Charging Capability for Mobile Phone.
2Normative references
The following documents are referred to in the text in such a way that some or all of theircontent constitutes requirements of this document. For dated references,only the editioncited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (includingany amendments) applies.
IEC 60950-1,Information technology equipment – Safety – Part 1 : General requirements
IEC 62368-1,Audio/video,information and communication technology equipment – Part 1:Safety requirements
IEC 62680-1-1,Universal Serial Bus interfaces for data and power – Part 1-1: Commoncomponents – uSB Battery Charging Specification,Revision 1.2
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IEC 62680-2-2,Universal Serial Bus interfaces for data and power – Part 2-2:USB Micro-USBCables and Connectors Specification,Revision 1.01
The cable assembly supplied with the EPS shall terminate in a USB Micro-B plug, defined inIEC 62680-2-2.The cable assembly may be permanently connected to the EPS or may be adetachable cable. In either case, the terminating USB Micro-B plug shall be compliant with theUSB Micro-B cables and connectors specification,IEC 62680-2-2.
The cable assembly supplied with the EPS may also terminate in a non USB Micro-B plug if amanufacturer makes available an adaptor from the Micro-USB connector of a common EPS toa specific non-Micro-USB socket in the mobile phone.2
An EPs provided with a detachable cable shall be equipped with a uSB Standard-Areceptacle to connect to the EPS.The detachable cable assembly,supplied for use with theEPS, shall have USB Standard-A and USB Micro-B plugs and meet the USB-IF cableassembly requirements in lEC 62680-2-2.
The above requirement also applies to a cable used as an adaptor, i.e. when the USB Micro-Bis connected to the mobile telephone by an adaptor where the mobile telephone does nothave a Micro-USB interface.IEC 62684 pdf download.