IEC 62954-2019 pdf free.Nuclear power plants – Control rooms -Requirements for emergency response facilities.
An overarching principle of this document is that the emergency plan for the nuclear powerplant site (assumed to comprise one or more reactor units and associated spent fuel storagefacilities)imposes overall requirements for the ERF which are further detailed in thisdocument. This includes criteria for the time of activation of the ERF and the responsibilitiesthat are to be transferred from other NPP locations to the ERF.
ln some cases the specification and the design of the ERF and the ERF l&C systems will bedone many years after the specification and design of the NPP to which the ERF relates.There will be technical interaction through interfaces between ERF individual systems and theNPP existing l&C systems,so that consistent provisions for the exchange of data andinteroperability of the ERF with the NPP are established.
The ERF buildings and equipment that are difficult to be replaced should be designed with thesame life duration as the NPP to which they relate.This duration may include some of thedecommissioning period if this is necessary for the plant safety.
5.2 Role and main features
The role of the ERF is to provide adequate means, including organization and human expertise,when a plant has experienced a reactor incident,accident or other emergency situation,including a severe reactor accident or severe external hazard, in order:to manage the situation and mitigate its consequences;to bring relief and assistance to the operating staff on duty;to inform official authorities.
The ERF shall be able to cope simultaneously with all units of the NPP in which it isimplemented.
As it is impossible to specify all scenarios for which ERF operation may be required, it isnecessary to incorporate flexibility and intelligence into the design and operationalarrangements in order to maximise the potential for adapting to the actual situation.
Each facility listed below (i.e. ERC,TSC and osC) may be a building,part of a building or aroom.
The organizational relationship between the parts of ERF shall be defined early in the design.This definition shall comprise clarification of:
leadership and hierarchy between the parts;
scope and role of internal and external communication;
principles for sharing of responsibilities between the three parts and the MCR /SCR.
5.2.2 Emergency Response Centre (ERC)
The ERC is a facility,separate from the MCR,which leads and manages the overallemergency response. This includes coordination with the osC for the field operations(see 5.2.4) and with the TSC for the technical advice to the operators (see 5.2.3). It alsoincludes managing the flow of information to and from external bodies,including requests forexternal assistance and any necessary briefings to relevant off-site organizations.IEC 62954 pdf download.