IEC 63060-2019 pdf free.Electric energy supply networks – General aspects and methods for the maintenance of installations and equipment.
For this purpose,the network operator has to provide adequate resources (e.g. budget, staff,and spare parts).The general procedure for performing maintenance is defined by mainte-nance principles that serve as a guideline for planning, implementation, benchmarking,analysis, and improvement of maintenance.The principles have to be documented.
The principles for planning maintenance activities are defined by the network operator. Withregard to grid development and grid planning,the planning of maintenance is oriented onlong, medium, and short term operational objectives, as well as regularly occurring condition changes of equipment and installations.
The specifications of maintenance and maintenance support have to be verified on a regularbasis to consider changes in legal frameworks, operational requirements,and the development of maintenance procedures.Corresponding changes may be necessary due to the ageof the object or based on the results of diagnostic tests,if available. If new equipment or in-stallations are added or modifications are implemented, required adjustments in maintenanceand maintenance support should be considered.
lf training is required, training documents, tools, and equipment have to be identified and provided,before entering the operational and planning phase. The training also has to be per-formed during the phase of operation and maintenance.
Technical manuals and technical documentation should contain the information and procedures that are necessary for the correct,safe,effective and economic implementation ofmaintenance tasks.
5.3 Maintenance concept
The maintenance concept defines the precise procedure for maintenance types based onmaintenance principles.
The maintenance activities derived from a condition assessment (e.g. replacement,repair,service, and overhaul) are not defined in this document but are the responsibility of the network operator.Test cycles are not the subject of this document, but are to be defined by thesystem operators in self-responsibility.
Based on the maintenance concept,the characteristic of the respective types of maintenancefor each equipment and installation are defined in terms of the content of the activities, thetime frame, and the available budget.
The result of this planning process is to create a maintenance plan that contains all commonmaintenance tasks to be performed for a sufficiently long time period.
The maintenance plan has to be issued in a way that guarantees the implementation of themaintenance concept in terms of both time and content. Statistically foreseeable events,whose respective time of occurrence is unknown, are also to be taken into account.The man-agement of such events requires provision of dedicated maintenance resources to be kept oncall.As appropriate,planning with a priority system may improve efficiency.
The maintenance plan is the basis for commission and implementation of the particularmaintenance activities. It defines location,time frame, form and extent of tasks for each ob-ject and the associated maintenance support.IEC 63060 pdf download.