IEC TR 62839-2-2019 pdf free.Environmental declaration – Part 2: Optical/copper telecom accessories products specific rules.
The following 5.2 to 5.4 complete,for installation and use stages, the respective sections ofthe PEP/PCR for optical/copper telecom accessories.See also Annex A for examples oflifetime and use rate.
5.2Installation stage
Subclause 5.2 specifies section 2“Installation stage” of the PEP/PCR for optical/coppertelecom accessory category.Concerning optical/copper telecom accessories,and consideringthe wide range of possible installation of these products,the installation stage is excludedfrom the system boundaries.
This extended cut-off rule does not exclude the respect of the other requirements from thePEP/PCR,such as considering the packaging treatment,or waste from the installation stage(manufacturing, transportation and end of life of waste).
Below the environmental impact table, it shall be mentioned that the impact concerning theproduct installation process should be completed by the PEP user,depending on itsinstallation scenario.
5.3Use stage losses determined by calculation
5.3.1optical connection
Depending on the used connection technology,the maximum attenuation or loss (acx)specified by the manufacturers is given in Table 1.
lt is considered that the power injected into the connection is 0 dBm or 1 mW and it isassumed a close connection with the laser (the most unfavorable case).
The energy consumed by an optical connection is then obtained by multiplying this valueexpressed in Watts by the reference lifetime,expressed in seconds, and the use rate.
In the case products in the reference flow support multiple types of connection technologies,the calculation shall be made by taking into account the most unfavorable technology.
For example,for a reference lifetime of 20 years and a 100 % use rate, the total energyconsumed in use is:
0,109×10-3 [W] x 20 [years] x 365 [days] x 24 [hours] x 3 600 [seconds] = 68 748 Joules
For illustration,68 748 Joules is the energy consumption of a bulb of 70 watts during16 minutes.
In general, the choices made and the underlying assumptions for the loss calculation shall beidentified in the PEP and justified in the LCA report.
5.3.2Balanced connectors
The estimation of the use stage losses of balanced connectors is illustrated for the differentvariants of the popular RJ45 connector according IEC 60603-7(all parts)(see also Table 2).
To meet the requirements of these protocols, the connectors are divided into categories.Foreach category,an attenuation value is assigned according to the central frequency of therelevant protocol. This maximum attenuation by category is defined by the correspondingstandard of lEC 60603-7(all parts).Table 2 includes all the data to be used for balancedconnectors complying with the reference standards (the performance standard for connectorsbeing lEC 60603-7 (all parts) and for the protocol,IEEE 802.3).IEC TR 62839-2 pdf download.