IEC TS 62788-2-2017 pdf free.Measurement procedures for materials used in photovoltaic modules – Part 2: Polymeric materials – Frontsheets and backsheets.
This part of lEG 62788 defines test methods and datasheet reporting requirements for safety and performance related properties (mechanical, electrical, thermal, optical and chemical) of non-rigid polymeric materials intended for use in terrestrial photovoltaic modules as polymeric frontsheets and backsheets.
The test methods in this document define how to characterize backsheet and frontsheet materials and their components in a manner representative of how they will be used in the module, which eventually includes combination with other matched components such as encapsulant or adhesives. The methods described in this document support the safety and performance related tests defined on PV module level as defined in the series IEC 61730 and lEG 61215.
This document also defines test methods for assessment of inherent material characteristics of polymeric backsheets and frontsheets or their components, which may be required in datasheet reporting or may be useful in the context of product development or design of PV modules.
Rigid polymeric sheet materials (also providing mechanical support) may require further consideration.
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3.1 abrasion resistance ability of a material to withstand mechanical action such as rubbing, scraping, or erosion, that tends progressively to remove material from its surface
3.2 adhesive failure de-bonding occurring between the adhesive and the adherent, to be difterentiated from cohesive failure within the adhesive material Note 1 to entry: See also Clause A.1.
3.3 air-facing side side of the frontsheet or backsheet that is oriented towards the outside of the PV module, i.e. away from the cells
3.4 backsheet BS outer layer of the PV module, located on the back of PV module and providing protection of the inner components of the module from external stresses and weather elements, as well as electrical insulation
3.5 bond strength force required to separate an adhesive from an adherent
3.6 breakdown voltage voltage at which electric breakdown occurs under prescribed test conditions, or in use.IEC TS 62788-2 pdf download.